Marketing & Ad Testing

marketing and ad testing

You have designed a new Marketing or Advertising Campaign.
The client loves it . . . Are you really ready to launch?

  • Wondering if it will call them to action?
  • Will your new marketing or advertising campaign drive sales?
  • Will your newly designed website increase sales?

Gold Research, Inc., can ask the important questions and get the right answers before you launch. A little market research before the big spend will save you money and time!

Gold Research, Inc., can insure your clients will love your all your campaigns by providing the data that shows efficacy with their target audience.

How you ask?
We know we can do this for you because we have been helping marketing departments and advertising agencies refine campaigns and exceed goals since 2006.
Just ask – BPD Advertising

We use a number of tools, including:

  • Real-Time Shopper Insights
  • MindReaderTM (our proprietary mobile and online research service)
  • Onsite Research
  • Online Surveys
  • Website Testing
  • Mobile Research

Gold Research, Inc., can help:

  • test marketing and advertising plans before you launch
  • research logos, names, ads, and campaigns for effectiveness
  • make your communication more effective by screening to eliminate weak concepts and sort out the more promising messages
  • collect insights from your target customers anywhere in real-time

Our research can help your campaigns be an even bigger success!
Let us show how we can help you do more for less $$. Research will make your campaign work the first time and every time.

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