Gold Intercepts™

What resonates with your customers? What are they thinking as they do business with you? How do we obtain “real-time” customer insights that are always fresh, accurate, reliable, and actionable? These are the questions that inspire us to gather the intelligence that drives your business!

Gold InterceptsTM is our flagship real-time intercept and audit solution, with which we service the customer intercept, mobile survey, and in-store audit needs of our Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Retail, and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients who have a need for capturing insights from customers in real-time.

Gold Differentiators:

Most intercept providers rely only on the quality of their fielding staff. At Gold InterceptsTM, we rely on our rigorous processes, Credentialed ResearchersTM, cutting edge technology (with geo validation), and actionable reporting in equal measure to deliver real-time customer insights.

Rigorous Processes:

Our processes, as shown in the video above, are setup with “The Gold GuaranteeTM" to provide you with fresh, 100% accurate, reliable, and actionable data on every project.

Credentialed ResearchersTM:

  • Our Credentialed ResearchersTM surveyors are typically aged between 35–55 years, have an average of 15 plus years of on-site research and intercept experiences, are multi-lingual, and truly enjoy market research and data collection.
  • At Gold InterceptsTM, we take pride in our Credentialed ResearchersTM and our proprietary data collection processes that have been built from the ground up to provide quality, 100% error-free data on every project.
  • We provide national coverage in the US and Canada, in all markets, with local Credentialed ResearchersTM that are knowledgeable about their local markets, highly trained to represent your brand professionally, and have a passion for gathering rich, in-the-moment insights.
  • Each member of our team is carefully screened and trained for their interviewing ability, and continuously monitored during projects for the strictest compliance with our processes.

Cutting Edge Technology
(with Geo Validation):

We leverage iGoldSMARTTM, our powerful, proprietary, mobile, point-of-experience store intercept, on-site survey, or in-store audit solution that gathers mobile insights at the point-of-purchase or business experience while offering real-time results to you.

Why you will love iGoldSMARTTM:

  • Built for store intercepts, on-site surveys, and in-store audits: You obtain richer, more meaningful feedback from real-time insights.
  • gold intercepts gps check
    Geo Validation: iTrackSMARTTM (our proprietary technology) stamps each incoming completed response, captured during the store intercept, on-site survey, or in-store audit, with the location coordinates, thus verifying that data is being captured from the correct location.
  • Offline Capable: iGoldSMARTTM collects data on mobile survey devices even when no internet or cellular connection is available. This way we guarantee that the actual field experience for all store intercepts, on-site surveys, and in-store audits remains uninterrupted at all times.
  • No waiting for results: During each store intercept, on-site survey, and in-store audit project, we provide you access to online data dashboards so that you can view customer feedback in real-time across locations. You can also download anytime during fielding in Excel or CSV formats.
  • Customizable: Unique format for doing store intercepts, on-site surveys, and in-store audits that offer real-time, engaging, and interactive questionnaires for customers.
  • Rich Data: The program supplies instant, rich data including heat maps, pictures, and videos of customers’ in-the-moment experiences with your business.
  • Targeted Results: Allows you to immediately zoom-in on customer preferences for individual products regardless of where the store intercept, on-site survey, or in-store audit is being performed.
  • Recurring Results: Allows you to set up an ongoing tracking system for instant customer feedback.
  • Accurate: Eliminates paper surveys and data entry errors as surveyors, or your customers, enter data directly into iGoldSMARTTM.
  • Multi-Lingual: Surveys, store intercept questionnaires, and in-store audit forms can be created in more than 100 languages including Spanish, English, Mandarin, French, and many more.

Actionable Reporting:

Our reporting is setup with the Gold GuaranteeTM to provide you with actionable insights and reports that are 100% ready for sharing with your internal teams on every project!

  • Prior to launch, we work with you closely to develop a questionnaire that will yield actionable insights. If you have already created a questionnaire, we will review it and advise you on how it might be improved for better insights. For example, we might recommend having our field team take on-site pictures as part of your survey, so you can see what your customers are seeing inside stores.
  • During data collection, we will review and monitor incoming surveys in real-time to verify quality, completeness, and accuracy via time, date, and GPS validation. By monitoring and verifying data quality during fielding, we ensure that insights developed during reporting will always be accurate and reliable.
  • Post data collection, and prior to starting analysis, we will share the analysis plan with you for review and approval. Doing so takes the surprise element from reporting and assures you of the level and quality of analysis you can look forward to from our reports. It also enables you to add any additional analysis that you might like for us to perform to make the insights more actionable.
  • After analysis is completed, we’ll present the insights in a PowerPoint report format. Click here to learn more about our reporting capabilities. We’ll also walk you through the findings over the phone, or in person, as requested. After your review of the report, if there are any final edits or follow-up analysis that you desire, let us know and we’ll be happy to make them for you.

How It Works:

 iGoldSMART technology 1

1) During the store intercept, or on-site survey, our trained surveyors, using tablets loaded with iGoldSMARTTM technology, will engage with your customers after they’ve completed their purchase, or business experiences, to gather real-time insights. (We can also provide shoppers a url, allowing them to take the survey on their phone browsers using the same iGoldSMARTTM technology).

 iGoldSMART technology 2

2)  Upon completion of the store intercept, or on-site survey, iGoldSMARTTM can reward customer participation with incentives such as discount coupons for instant use or for future visits.

 iGoldSMART technology 3

3) iGoldSMARTTM enables you to view the incoming data from the store intercept, on-site survey, and in-store audit in “Real-Time” (i.e. as it is being entered) using a secure, password-protected, data dashboard. You will also be able to receive instant, targeted reactions, including in-store pictures and videos to see what customers are seeing. For each store intercept, on-site survey, and in-store audit, the data can be viewed on many levels, including across multiple locations, by individual location or by product level. Downloadable result formats are compatible with Excel and SPSS. Post data collection, we’ll analyze results and submit actionable insights in a PowerPoint format for you to review and share with your team.

 Who Uses It: 

We service the data collection and analysis needs of our clients in the restaurant, food services, hotel, consumer goods, financial services, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing domains.

Our clients leverage iGoldSMARTTM for:

  • Airport Surveys
  • In-Store Audits (Inventory, Products, Pricing)
  • Concept Testing
  • Customer Intercepts
  • Conference Interviews
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Event Surveys
  • Mystery Shops
  • Convention Interviews
  • In-Hospital Surveys
  • Restaurant Research
  • Store Intercepts
  • On-Site Surveys
  • Planogram Research
  • Exit Polls
  • Pricing Research
  • Retail and Restaurant Impact (or Pin) Studies
  • Location/Site Selection Research
  • Shop-Along Research