Satisfaction Research


Customers engage with your business in person, over the phone, and, increasingly, over the internet. Their experiences, good and bad, give rise to positive or negative emotions. Positive emotions lead to satisfaction with your business, which translates into loyalty, which in turn translates into more business plus advocacy for your offerings in the market place. Negative emotions result in the exact opposite and are detrimental to your business health. Understanding which touch-points in your business drive positive and negative emotions among customers is critical in navigating through challenging times and growing your business.

An equally vital aspect of your business is your employees. They ensure that your products and services are developed and delivered as you intended. More importantly, they can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your employees’ satisfaction and happiness are therefore vital to your business success, and emotions are again the key.

At Gold Research, Inc., we focus on emotions when measuring customer and employee satisfaction.

We understand that customer and employee issues keep changing and evolving over time, so we look for two types of insights when interpreting satisfaction and loyalty data:

  • Tactical Insights: are actionable and can be implemented right away for immediate effect; and
  • Strategic Insights: are long-term changes that might take longer but are needed to more fundamentally improve customer or employee satisfaction.

For your customer and employee research needs, we offer:

Tracking Research


Tracking Research – Repeated periodic measurement of satisfaction (customer, employee, or both) so you can identify changes/trends

Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) – Measuring, calculating, and decomposing Net Promoter Scores

Real-Time Satisfaction Surveys

Real-Time Satisfaction Surveys – Measuring satisfaction (of customers, employees, or both) with your business in real time

Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis – Estimate the impact of various attributes on satisfaction or loyalty, and identify areas in which you are under-/over-performing


Benchmarking – Measuring satisfaction (of customers, employees, or both) with the performance of key competitors so your own performance can be viewed in proper context



Segmentation – Identifying segments (of your customers, employees, or both) with similar needs/attitudes/characteristics so you can more effectively develop and market your products and services.

B2B Research

B2B Research – Measuring satisfaction and loyalty for organizations with business clients, which presents unique challenges compared to traditional B2C research.