Gold B2C Journey Mapping™

With the variety of products and services available to customers, many companies are interested in identifying how their customers find and choose them. Many successful companies try journey mapping, but often obtain only limited success. This occurs because of the inherent complexity of turning awareness into a purchase.

However, companies that leverage Gold Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Journey MappingTM become highly successful at understanding and exploiting their learned insights into the buyer journey. With Gold B2C Journey MappingTM, marketers are able to turn these insights into accelerated purchase journeys, thereby eliminating the “friction” in the shopping process, improving their marketing program impact, and driving accelerated growth and profitability.

If you’ve been asking the following questions, then Gold B2C Journey MappingTM is a natural choice to consider:

  • Why are sales going flat, or worse, going down?
  • Why are customers who were interested in my product not making a purchase or getting lost to my competitors?
  • What segments and customer personas exist in the market? Are we focusing on the ones that will drive our growth and brand?
  • What are the triggers that initiate the customer’s journey to identify and select just the right product for them?
  • What are the various factors that influence them along the journey? Which are most impactful for each segment/persona along the way?
  • Are online reviews and personal recommendations more important than my advertising and merchandising programs?
  • What would be the revenue and share impact of streamlining and paving the “Path to Purchase”? What is the ROI of the investments necessary to implement the plan?
  • How can we increase customer loyalty and become the first choice for our customers?
  • How do we create, or update, existing journey maps that are qualitative, to give us the quantitative insights needed to bring about customer focused changes?

How can Gold B2C Journey MappingTM help me?

Today, your customers take different paths to get to your products and services. Gold B2C Journey MappingTM will help you:

  • Gain a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the key steps in the shopping journey and path to purchase your products/services.
  • Identify the key decision points, inflection points, and purchase drivers across the shopper journey; and
  • Create a vision for optimizing the journey from end-to-end as a guide for product and market strategy decisions.

The research, insights from Gold B2C Journey MappingTM, will help you make key decisions regarding:

  • Product and on-pack communication
  • In store tactical priorities
  • Product innovation/whitespace
  • At shelf product communication and executional factors
  • Key points of brand and consumer contact
  • Messaging for advertising, social media, and merchandising development
  • Demonstrate category leadership and influence key retailers in terms of marketing and merchandising your category.

Achievements of past Gold B2C Journey MappingTM clients:

  • 30–50% improvement in revenues through the work, based on increasing revenue per customer
  • 40–60% reduction in customer/revenue attrition
  • 40–80% more improvement in word-of-mouth that make advertising and promotional budgets more effective

See the Gold B2C Journey MappingTM paths to success:

Path-to-Purchase Retail Journey Maps

path to purchase retail journey gold research

Retail shopper journey map


Path-to-Purchase Online Journey Maps

path to purchase online journey gold research

Online shopper journey map


Persona Based Customer Journey Maps

Gold B2C Journey Mapping Customer Personas

Gold B2C Journey Mapping Customer Personas


Healthcare Journey Maps