Surveys and graphs

Do you need help with programming and hosting your online surveys?
Do you wish to create and deploy mobile surveys that are 100% compatible with all smartphone and tablet models?
Are you seeking help with processing survey data and coding open ends?

Look no further, because Gold Research, Inc. is the answer. We program and host online and mobile surveys that are fun and engaging for your target audience. We process your survey data as well (including open-ends) and deliver it to you in a user friendly Excel or Word format.

Our programmers are specialists in converting questionnaires into fun-to-answer online and mobile surveys that are optimized for all devices and boost response rates. Surveys programmed by us boast of a 75% completion rate. That’s 3 times higher than our competitors.

The Gold Research, Inc. Survey Process 

We use this process for all survey levels. 

Step 1: Questionnaire Submission

Send us your survey questions in MS Word format.

Step 2: Review

Our senior research team will review your questionnaire, test skips and logic, and suggest improvements. Clients tell us that this review by our senior researcher is a critical ingredient in averting survey disasters and in ensuring that data gets collected correctly.

Step 3: Programming

Our programming team will convert your questionnaire into its online and/or mobile version. After the survey has been optimized and tested, it is once again sent to the senior research team for review and approval prior to being sent to you.

Step 4: Sign-Off

Once you review the survey for the final time and sign-off, it is ready to launch. 

Step 5: Data Collection

We handle all aspects of the data collection from soft launch monitoring to quota management, to ensuring that data is being collected correctly. We also give you access to a secure, password protected data dashboard via which you can view and download incoming data in real-time.

Step 6: Data Processing and Analysis

Our research team cleans and processes the data using software like WinCross, SPSS and SAS. Once data has been processed, we submit the tabs and open ends in an Excel or SPSS file. Our senior research team can also analyze the data and submit actionable insights in PowerPoint format, complete with charts, graphs, and engaging info-graphics. See more details here about our report development services.

Surveys We Offer

 Whether you need a survey that is short and quick, or a more comprehensive and detailed analysis, Gold Research, Inc. has a survey option for you.

Gold Level - Less Than 15 Questions (Costs under $7,000 including programming, hosting, sample, analysis, reporting)

Need customer insights quickly? Do you need to know just a little bit, but don't want to take on the process of a major survey when all you need answered is a few questions? 

Gold Research, Inc. offers a quick and efficient survey for when you need results fast. 

Gold Level Survey Includes:

  • All the steps highlighted in the Gold Research, Inc. Survey Process from submission to analysis and processing
  • Less than 15 questions, developed by our team of senior researchers with your guidance
  • Survey results and data processed and given to you within 48-72 hours
  • Survey conducted using our proprietary market research service, MindReader™*
  • Costs include upto 100 completed surveys from Gen Pop business or consumer sample 

*MindReader™ taps into our panel of a million business and consumer respondents and enables you to get a quick read into the minds of your customers. We’ve leveraged decades of research experience into creating this quick, powerful solution that will get answers to your critical business questions directly from your target customers and prospects.

Diamond Level - 15 Questions or More (Costs under $15,000 including programming, hosting, sample, analysis, reporting)

Are you looking for more comprehensive results and deeper insights into the mind of your customer? 

The Diamond level survey gets you the in-depth results you need.

Diamond Level Survey Includes:

  • All of the steps highlighted in the Gold Research, Inc. Survey Process from submission to analysis and processing
  • 15 Questions or more, developed by our team of senior researchers with your guidance
  • Survey results are detailed and through to give you a clear view of your customers' opinions 
  • Comprehensive results and deep insights delivered to you in a variety or methods
  • Costs include upto 200 completed surveys from Gen Pop business or consumer sample

À La Carte Method

Do you just need help with a few steps of the survey process? 

Gold Research, Inc. can help you with that as well! We can assist you on any part of the survey process. 

Some of the things we can assist you with:

  • Questionnaire Development
  • Programming & Hosting
  • Sample (Business, Consumer)
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing and Analysis
  • Report Development


Who Uses This Service?

Our clients include corporate researchers, marketing managers, research, marketing and advertising agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs – anybody wishing to survey customers anywhere.

What Types of Projects Do You Take On?

We take on all sizes and types of projects ranging from small marketing and ad testing surveys and recurring satisfaction tracking research to multi-country multi-lingual surveys. Our surveys are optimized for online and mobile formats including all computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphone models.

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs for our programming and data processing services vary depending upon the number and type of questions and number of completes required. No charge for review by senior research team. No charge for incompletes or mid-survey terminations.