Gold Journey Mapping Training™

  • Are you interested in learning more about Customer Journey Mapping and how it could help grow your business?
  • Do you wish to enhance your capabilities in B2B or B2C Customer Journey Mapping?
  • Are you thinking designing and executing customer journey mapping projects across your organization?

Gold Research offers the following customer journey mapping capability-building trainings. Our proprietary trainings and workshops deliver foundational-to-advanced capability development and just-in-time coaching / content delivery while minimizing per-person training costs, travel expenses and time away from the office.

Click on the workshop titles below for details:

Introduction to Journey Mapping Workshop

2 – 4 Hours

Delivery Methods:

  1. In-person workshop, or
  2. Online meeting format (with interactive discussions/Q&A), or
  3. Recorded webinar (with or without interactive discussions/Q&A)

Target Attendees:
All Levels of Employees

This interactive workshop/webinar will provide attendees with Customer Journey Mapping terminology, best practice examples and practical uses to establish a common language and aligned commitment necessary to effectively catalyze customer journey projects.

  • Journey Mapping Overview – Why companies are using customer journey mapping as a proven approach to developing a customer-centric culture and uncovering business opportunities.

  • Journey Map Elements – Overview of the key elements that journey maps need to make them effective tools for educating and aligning the organization, including pain points, moments of truth, personas, satisfaction / loyalty research and customer objectives.

  • Customer Journey Research – Overview of the methods for capturing the Voice-of-the-Customer and Voice-of-the-Employee data critical for building the customer journey map. These methods will include in-depth interviews, focus groups, online surveys, ethnographic research and digital journey mapping.

  • Business Results Impact Assessment – Overview of how customer journey mapping uncovers business opportunities and can drive organizational results.

  • Journey Mapping Projects – Overview of the critical elements of Journey Mapping Projects necessary for effective design and implementation.

Journey Mapping Foundations Workshop

2 Days or Six 2-Hour Online Meetings

Delivery Methods:

    1. In-person workshop (2 Days), or
    2. Online meetings (interactive discussions/Q&A) (Six meetings for 2 hours each)

Target Attendees:
Selected executives (up to 20) who would be leading customer experience initiatives within the organization

This interactive workshop will provide the necessary knowledge, terminology and best practice examples to establish a capability foundation necessary to effectively design and execute customer journey projects. The following content areas would be taught by a certified CX Expert and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

  • Journey Map Elements – Learning the key elements that journey maps need to have to make them effective tools for educating and aligning the organization to both the current journey and the desired/improved experience. Dozens of journey maps will be used as review examples, and existing customer journey maps can be reviewed and assessed for optimization.

  • Journey Research – Proven methods for capturing the Voice-of-the-Customer as well as the Voice-of-the-Employee in collecting the data, insights and perspectives for building the customer journey map. This will include the effective application of research tools such in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, ethnographic research and digital journey mapping.

  • Personas – Effective ways of creating and using customer / user personas and their incorporation in journey maps and design efforts.

  • Business Results Impact Assessment – How to link journey maps to business results and organizational goals to build the business case for journey transformation.

  • Leading Journey Mapping Projects – How to effectively define and scope journey mapping projects, including resourcing approaches and sponsorship/governance structures necessary for effective design and execution. Existing customer journey mapping projects can be reviewed and discussed to provide immediate improvements.

Journey Mapping Adoption, Implementation and Coaching

Ten 2-Hour online meetings

Delivery Method:
Online meetings (interactive discussions/Q&A sessions)

Target Attendees:
Customer experience project leaders & sponsors

The focus of this workshop is to enhance the ability of internal teams to discuss, strategize and execute research related to customer experience with proven and emerging best-practices from the Journey Mapping perspective.

Ten modules are proposed to provide just-in-time content and coaching in a webinar/Q&A format, with custom-tailored content specific for your organization.

  • Journey Map Engagement – Overview of best-practice methods for engaging the organization and key stakeholders in the creation and redesign of journey maps that build commitment to the case for change and the vision.

  • Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement – Discussion of best-practices related to stakeholder assessment and engagement methods and tools.

  • Journey Leadership – Overview of effective methods, practices and models for leading journey design and transformation, customized specifically for your organization, including:
    • Journey Project planning, scoping, resourcing
    • Journey transformation cost & results/improvement benchmarks / examples
    • Journey Program Business Results / ROI Models
    • Journey Implementation “Minefields” based on the stage of implementation
    • Journey Insight examples and best practices
    • Journey Governance Models and best practices

Key Workshop Benefits:

  1. The success of these important workshops are dependent on the experiences and expertise level of the journey mapping expert conducting the training. An unsatisfactory or inexperienced level of engagement has the potential to result in incomplete training, skewed guidance, and negative experiences for employees and customers, any of which could cast a bad light on your organization and reputation. We are very sensitive to this. Therefore, all content are developed and taught only by a certified CX Expert and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). This ensures that you receive training from not just any researcher, but by the very best customer journey mapping experts in the business today.

  2. After attending these well thought-out trainings that are designed specifically for your organization, your internal teams will be able to develop journey mapping insights that will be not just nice to know - but truly actionable.

  3. Our invigorating trainings will help you bring your key team leaders on the same page and help them become aware of each other’s assessments and viewpoints regarding the customer’s and employee’s journeys. This often leads to several “aha” moments and renewed team spirits that accompany getting a better understanding of inter-departmental challenges and customer viewpoints.

  4. The coaching you receive will help you present your customer’s and employee’s key triggers and pain points in each phase of their journeys, in an easy-to-understand visual format. We’ll show you how to fill these journey maps with rich data and factoids obtained from research and from conversations with customers and employees. We will help you understand these maps thoroughly so that a very high level of clarity is obtained on the customer’s and employee’s critical needs and how they can be fulfilled.

Here are some examples of what you can expect these customer journey maps to look like:

Customer Journey Mapping Example 1

B2B Customer Experience Journey Map Current

Customer Journey Mapping Example 2

B2B Customer Experience Journey Map Future

Customer Journey Mapping Example 3

Online shopper journey map

Customer Journey Mapping Example 4

Gold B2B Customer Journey Mapping Example: Construction