Gold Research, Inc. is experienced in a broad spectrum of marketing research techniques. We serve as business consultants in a variety of qualitative and quantitative analytics research projects for companies of all sizes. Below is a list of some of our specialties.

Gold Intercepts real-time intercepts

Gold InterceptsTM

Gold InterceptsTM uses real-time intercepts and mobile surveys. Our 100,000+ trained surveyors can survey onsite anywhere in the US or Canada. Our national shopper panel can give you insights right now!

Gold Journey Mapping icon

Gold Journey MappingTM

Companies that leverage Gold Journey MappingTM are highly successful at building customer loyalty, increasing revenue per customer, and making their marketing more effective than the competition.

Gold Research Support icon

Gold Research-SupportTM

Need ad-hoc support for survey programming, tabs, charting, or report development? We have you covered with flexible pricing. Call us and experience how easy it is to get ongoing support when you need it.

New Concept Testing icon

New Concept Testing

We specialize in collecting the right business or consumer insight needed when defining the optimal mix of features, or setting the right price for your new concept.

Marketing and Ad Testing

Marketing & Ad Testing

The more you test before you produce your campaign, the more likely you are to have an effective campaign. Gold Research, Inc. can test your campaigns before launch. By collecting insights from your target customers, we uncover the most promising messages and make your marketing successful.

satisfaction research

Satisfaction Research

Your customers and employees are emotional, driven by positive and negative emotions. That is why, at Gold Research, Inc., we focus on emotions when measuring customer and employee satisfaction and deliver results directly to you.